A BMX Street Contest

Hosted by Brian Kachinsky and Van Homan

Milwaukee 4 Seasons Skatepark Uncovered Contest Schedule

What class should I enter?

There’s no age restriction for each class. Choose whichever class you think you feel comfortable riding in after reading the descriptions below. The entry fees are assigned accordingly because the directly correlate to the prizes awarded. Intermediate winners will receive product packages from the Uncovered sponsors. Semi-Pro winners will receive cash, some product and ALSO a chance at winning the overall series prize: an invite and all-expenses paid trip to compete at the Battle of Hastings at Source Park in Hasting, U.K. in September 2018!

Intermediate: The intermediate class is for those riders who love to ride and want to push themselves in a contest setting. No previous contest experience is required but even if you have entered contests before, that’s ok too! Intermediate riders might not feel like they ride at a Semi-Pro level yet but want to see how well they can dial in their tricks and perhaps pull some new ones they’ve never tried before.

Semi-Pro: Riders who enter the Semi-Pro class are those who ride at a nearly Pro level. Semi-Pro riders have placed well in other Am contests before or possibly put out some notable video parts, etc. Semi-Pro class riders might even get flow from bike or parts companies but aren’t currently on the Pro Team for a major bike or parts brand. This DOES NOT include riders who might have received money for riding in shows or demos. Those riders are still allowed to enter the Semi-Pro class.

Who’s NOT ALLOWED to compete in Uncovered: While we hate to exclude anyone from competing, we have to draw the line somewhere to attempt to make it fair. You can’t compete in the Semi-Pro class if you say yes to any of the following:

  • -You’re currently a paid rider on the Pro Team of a bike or parts brand
  • -You’ve been nominated for a Nora Cup or been invited to compete in a major Pro event.
  • -You’ve been told by Uncovered organizers or judges that you’re beyond the Semi-Pro level.

If you don’t fit into any of these, welcome to compete! Also, if you are currently Pro you’re welcome to come hang out and support all the shredders riding in the event!

  • Signed waiver needed to compete

  • Helmet required for all riders

Registration Fee

Intermediate: $20

Semi-Pro: $40

Cash or charge upon registration the day of the event